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Khalil Ullah, PhD
Assistant Professor and HoD Department of Software Engineering University of Malakand

The University of Malakand Software Engineering Department serves the local community by providing quality education by teaching the students the basic and practical skills required for success in the field of Software Engineering.The students and faculty in the Department of Software Engineering at UoM are involved in many activities in this great digital revolution. In our department, we teach fundamentals, design methods, tools, and application development in the wide area of Software Engineering and Computer Sciences. We prepare the students for some exciting and rewarding careers in the fields of Software design and development for businesses, biomedical application, multi-media and UI design, e-government application, engineering, and information technology. In addition to the excellent learning opportunities within the Department and University, the students are also provided the opportunities to personally visit the Software Houses and to do internships in the software industry. This further polishes their skills and prepares them for an excellent career in the software industry.

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Software Engineering is to learn how to apply the Engineering principles in designing, developing, maintaining and upgrading a Software System. We provide Software Engineering education at the undergraduate level necessary to understand, design, implement, and use the software systems.

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